It all started when... [Kristi]

My love for digital started when I was 3 years old and my parents enrolled me in computer school instead of pre-school (sounds silly now, but it was unheard of back then!).

I went on to learn basic HTML and build my first website with my older brother’s help when I was 10… Yes, 10! My dad had to sign a consent form from Geocities.

When it came time to decide what I would study in college and ultimately specialize in, it only made sense to immerse myself in the world of marketing. Full-time and all-in!

In my past life... [Kristi]

I spent nearly a decade in corporate sales and marketing roles. My last position was in management where I oversaw every aspect from branding and website to trade shows and promotional items. I directed photoshoots and marketing video production and established social channels, email newsletters, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

I wanted to help other women dream bigger... [Kristi]

...After being in a male dominated industry for years, so I left my steady paycheck behind and started Gem + Tusk. The name is inspired by a couple of years spent as a competitive gymnast and the gym I practiced at, Gemini, combined with my love for elephants. It symbolizes self-confidence, fearlessness, and happiness, along with strength, authenticity, and family. All the things I prioritize in my own life and encourage in my clients.

Here's the thing... [Kristi]

Before we work together, you should know I live in NYC, which means I'm no stranger to fast-paced with a get-it-done mentality. Also, I have been playing video games since before I could go to school, prefer fall and winter because there are less bugs, and am a complete introvert (shout out to my fellow INFJs)!

Let's Work Together!